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There are three divisions of hobbits in Tolkien’s world.

  • Harfoots: The Harfoots were the most numerous group of Hobbits and also the first to enter Eriador. They were the smallest in stature of all hobbits. They had closer relations with Dwarves than did other Hobbits. Tolkien coined the term as analogous to “hairfoot”.
  • Fallohides: The Fallohides were the least numerous group and the second group to enter Eriador. They were generally fair-haired and tall (for Hobbits). They were often found leading other clans of Hobbits as they were more adventurous than the other races. They preferred the forests and had links with the Elves. Tolkien created the name from the archaic meanings of English words “fallow” and “hide”, meaning “pale skin”.
  • Stoors: The Stoors were the second most numerous group of Hobbits and the last to enter Eriador. They were broader than other Hobbits. They mostly dwelt beside rivers and were the only Hobbits to use boats and swim. Males were able to grow beards. Tolkien says they were “less shy of Men”. Sméagol and Déagol were apparently either Hobbits of Stoorish descent or else close relatives of the breed. Tolkien used an archaic English word stor or stoor “strong”.

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