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Hello horror month readers!

Here is our poll of book options for October’s horror month. The poll will be open until 11:59 pm October 1. For book descriptions look under the read more.



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Hello lovely readers!

The nerds have convened and come to a couple of conclusions. 1) It seems that not many of you care too much about voting for genre 2) It may just be easier for us to choose a genre for the month 3) it is almost Halloween.

From the above conclusions we have decided from now on to choose the month’s genre and then open up for book suggestions within that genre from all of you. So without further ado (and since it is in the season), this coming month’s genre shall be Horror! Our emails are open for book suggestions in the genre and we look forward to seeing what spooky, creepy, or terrifying stories you have in mind for all of us. Send us your suggestions to with the title, author and book description. Feel free to send us more than one suggestion but please no more than three (or if you want to send more send us your top three choices). We’ll post a poll for book votes in a few days time.

Happy Readings!

~ Scatty

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