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Hey everyone,

I know I’ve been super duper MIA, and for that I apologize. Right now I have a lot going on with school and work and doing observations hours for my credential, and I need your help once more. For one of my classes I have to create a video that would be used during an educational lesson. it can be on anything that we want, and if you know me well enough, you should know that I’m a big advocate of the body beautiful movement. You can be a size 0 or a size 30, it doesn’t matter to me; I think you’re all beautiful. so I’m asking you beautiful people for a favor. All I’m asking is for a video clip of you saying “I am not defined by ______” (eg i am not defined by my shoe size, I am not defined by the calories I eat, etc) as well as a picture/video of you doing something kick ass. You can continue to elaborate and tell me how awesome you are. All I’m really “demanding” is you saying that you are not defined by something. I would be eternally grateful for all your help and I will most definitely show you guys the final product. If you would like to – with the kindness in your hearts – feel free to email me at

Thank you so much, my beautiful nerds.


PS. This is not gender specific. Men can have body image issues as well.

Ninja edit: The due date is Sunday November 17,2013


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